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G. Brothers, LLC

G. Brothers, LLC History

G. Brothers is a privately owned emerging business that was started in 2012.  The business formed around a single product (the Drink Dinghy) designed, patented and produced by the Gilmore Brothers.  The Drink Dinghy was developed to combine drinking your favorite beverage and having fun in the water.  

Blue Drink Dinghy in Lake
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After many hours of research and development, the Drink Dinghy became a reality with the first shipment of product in April 2012!

Stem Hugger

Since that time another new product, the Stem Hugger has been designed, patented and manufactured. The Stem Hugger fits around the stem of your wine glass, which gives the wine glass stability when placed in any standard-sized cup holder on your boat, your golf cart or even your theater seating at home.

We currently sell our products online, at numerous boat shows and through a limited number of retailers. If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying our products, please contact any of the Gilmore Brothers listed on our contact page.

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